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Bouře písku je, svým způsobem, moc zábavná hra. A ne v dobrým smyslu. Zkusím a vysvětlit proč. Hra je nastavený v první válce zátoky, a d


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Worms.. To admitted, I've never unacted Worms, not even Worms+. Came to be "as far as" on Worms Armagedon, and near her I'm strávíl a lot of steam evenings with chum, but about it this review isn't.

Worms is action play mature Team17 and published in the year 1995. Is that a first play from set Worms and was initially only available to PCs . Amiga. Later was porting and on another basis.

Červícis are tension play, where player controls team worms against other teams from worms, that are controlled computer or human competitor. The point is use various arms and kill all competitor worms.

in arsenal arms worms will find scattergun and Uzi, beside different heavy arms, like bazooka (initialization), cluster bombshells and air - raids.Play as well includes several ' secret ' arms (accessible over cheddite codes), as are bananas, bomb and eruptive ewe, row these arms become famous.

available differ tools, as are ' girders' - primarily be instrumental to lockout - as well as ' drilling machine', ' burner' and ' ninja ropes', that are available to higher mobility in all of fairway.

Year of publication: 1995

Made by: Team 17


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