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Commander Keen 4: Secret of the Oracle Reviews

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A shall we that long - yearned - for fourth part, published a year later than the first three, whereat developers from ID software have given really rest in.

story again turns about universe, in the concrete destruction of the whole Mléčné tracks. Only Keen knows plan sly Shikazů and can be stopped.

at a single glance be understoodthat the to ' revolution ' get largely in graphic page. Accede interesting backcloth, general lion design moved much forward and variety enemies also acquire bigger balk.

individual levels of have sort of his indescribable magic, that you near games retains surely for long.

burdensomeness stayed stood altogether high, but no no unactable. Be on just as, so that play didn't run through inside half an hour, but at the same time from her stay in.

behind zmíňku costs also precious musical accompaniement. Added together underlined, Keen four - spot long way outdid his two previous lots, and perhaps could developers save work, if on her start working straight after volume one.

Year of publication: 1991

Made by: ID Software


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