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Lost Vikings Reviews

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little who knows, who worth while by this one logical popular play - lost Vikingové. Like its first play she expenditure for PC society Silicon & synapsis (believe or no, is concerned today's Blizzard Entertainment). Yes, that Bliizard, what issued behind couple of years Warcraft, or today's hit youth - World of Warcraft.

story treat of three Northmans, who were flyaway Tomatorem, cruel ruler empire Krutónů, to state copy in his inter- galaxial Zoo. Ocitají on ship spaceships and only mutual cooperation it is possible from her escape.

main entertainment of the whole games inheres in co-operation, because every Viking has different skills. Eric can post run and with orderly start holing and some way walls and will jump out in excess of other. Baleog is fighter and to its sword whiten antagonists and from afar attacks bow, which puts use and to switch - over distant contact - makers. Last Olaf has big shieldthat the averting enemies to him get and if him lifts above his head, can him use like parachute, or springboard for ericathat the so will land any further.

Year of publication: 1992

Made by: Blizzard Entertainment


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