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Epyx byl známý jejich vynikajícími sportovními hrami (většinou olympiádami). Tady je ještě další jejich sportovních her. Tentokrát zařizu


Syndicate Reviews

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Syndicate is mix at once of several genres - strategy, rpg and because proceeds real time and behind force of arms dig for world, so doubtless also action.

considering possibilities equip his agents, implement them special authorities and scrag I'm however arbitrated class with him into RPG.

as noted previously, the point is conquer the world. Before as of early to a given mission on map choose statethat the do you want by the help of his agents subdue. If you it will succeed, state you levies taxation, that give use for example for research new technologíí or purchase arms.

Agenties mouse control and in every lion mámte definite imposition, mostly transport somewhere definite person or whole its group, or to someone kill.

except you are here and another parties, that tempts obtain at full blast territory, which meansthat the you will have to face except common patrolmans and another special periods, which won't you have so light work.

play has altogether interesting impact hock and through the combination of several genres and thrilling music forms that correct atmospherethat the be worth try out.

Year of publication: 1993

Made by: Bullfrog Productions


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