Immoral study - Lesson 2
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Druhou lekci náš zvrhlý učitel uštědří dcerce majitele nějaké (pravděpodobně) automobilky. Holčina si nejdřív hraje na drsňačku ale po tom c


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To fans shootings from first sight men is here this time something unconventional. G - Nome is really unique bit in his genre, that is of but very catchy and důmslný.

buoy be enacted on distant planet Ruhelen in the year 2225 among four different races. These are Union (people), Darken Empire, Scorp Republic and Bendian Mercenary.Every ' nation ' has its different technology - building, defensive tower, robots ... - without them are namely lost. As soon as leave its machine, you do not have much prospect of survival. Behind zmíňku costs also arsenal arms, inclusive guided rackets, that you can control straight from 1st personnel look.

during campaign run through of several by various locations and will you bottle not always just now simple questy. I would saythat the just burdensomeness highlighting gameplay in itself most and near games really bore won't you. Isn't that that type FPS shooting, where bottle one mission behind second and after twentieth is already cease do arithmetics and without any adroitness get along as far as all end.

I must saythat the after several years I'm to those play returned with enthusiasm, but in the same way I'm her was unable finish to the end. Not even not as graphic art and sound distribution, like rather atmosphere and already mention in passing playability are main upheaval factors.

added together underlined, this oldschoolovka would didn't have become extinct in nooks your HDD and merits surely much more attention, than her was to (or rather wasn't) till this time devoted.

Year of publication: 1997

Made by: 7th Level Inc.


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