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Chladný Dreams je akce/hádanka platforma udělaný nesmrtelností Production v roce 1995. S tavením mezi středním věkem a futuristickým nast


X-COM: Terror from the Deep Reviews

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after winning periods X - Com above alien some years ago manslaughter upper brain on Martian base yclept cydónia extra - terrestrial activity moved below sea g shell.

destruction brain turned on raythat the activated submarine germs cizákú and you began develop, while suspicionless mankind rejoice. In the year 2040 mankind at last come to knowledgethat the planet Earth is in universe only one, that is why is suicidal she annihilate nonsensical wars and environmental deterioration. After failure cogitations drive all peoples world's organization planning OSN and NATO most going land integration into big company like Euro- Syndicate, Scandinavia, Asian Coalition et al.. Absolutely unawares however was cessation of hostilities underfoot interrupted inhuman in a way. Behind big luxury sea-going vessels HYPERION suddenly emerge from waters extra - terrestrial enemy submarine and at once she bottom. Mankind at once began prepare fight - back. As the only perhaps option showed spurned submarine prototype base X - Comthat the be in money saving course already 30 years. Up disaster area was at once dispatch submarine type Barracuda. Battle against Extra - Terrestrials began.

at the beginning games is available one familiarly equipped base, two aggressive submarine, handful scientists, mechanics, couple of soldiers from navy by many land basic amenities and backing governments of all company world. Enemy mankind is unknown high - tech civilization from depths oceans.

Year of publication: 1995

Made by: MicroProse Soft., Inc.


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