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Musím říkám já jednoduše miluji bludiště, všechny druhy bludišť, tak já docela jsem zajímal se o tuto hru. Bohužel to jen udělalo zklamán


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This play take place in Candyland! It with difficulty could get some /every /no better than to it! You control Zool, who's antas - like ninja sprite from Nth dimension, forced to landed underfoot. To she could have obtain ninja evaluation, he needs to walk through seven land.

Although it is typical platform play, rate of swelling is what separate Zool from the rest them. All your opponent of generally are easy knock down, but they respawn almost immediately, thickness you play to fast. And that is really hard to stopped playing as soon as you start.

Zool will utilize 256- coloured graphic art and supports sound blaster - compatible sound cards.

Year of publication: 1993

Made by: Infogrames


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