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Naftová státní moc je prvotřídní simulace v tvrdém obchodu jedinečného a poutavého naftového trhu. Nicméně, ty není žádné hry pro obchodn


Xenon 2 Megablast Reviews

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Xenon 2 - Megablast be too popular when it be published. That were straight forward shot departure- jich - up play, where you pilot craft and will to displace different space monster.

Depending on of the number of monsters you be killed and powerup did you hove, you can buy various arms, and spaceships upgrade, at the end every levels of.

Next thing, that made this play even more rag was two- hráčský mode; perhapsthat the I only be homesick, but there be wrapped up charm in playing of those old computer peas overcrowded about one's keyboard.

Music out of this play be too addictive, and were to be remix in many courses after play publication. Much plaies which appear later, such as ravenous, be basically improved version xenon.

Together, comical non - brain, excellent to those long, boring cold night.

Year of publication: 1989

Made by: Assembly Line, The


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