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Xenon introduction is upper shooter that were initially mature and released to Amigaovu basis and be later converted to next basis, inclusive DOS.

Many of you be heard for xenon 2: Megablast, famous continuation those games which was considered one of the first overhead space shoot, but probably much few of you soever are have had chance to play to the very first. Well, I wish saidthat the this play be too much different since its known successor.


how in most space shooters, you control your ship and you move across battlefield. One thing that is of particular about those play which vary it from of other similar plaies in this genre is realitythat the you you can change your volant ship on land vehicle. It making you able shooting country aims as well as gives you possibility of work movement battlefield. You can return and scroll cathode - raytube as you do you want ( this is not possible in volant naval mode). Handsome thought nor very common in scrolling shooters.

On way through three levels of you will face different types enemies. Some of them will mounted to the earth (weapons turrets), divers will fly around (little cosmic by boat) and there'll some lovely moving land mine also. Of course, you encountering some boss enemies also who are not so claims to defeated as soon as you memorize their moving diagram.

There are many also powerup you can collect on way. They seemthat the after you destroy specific enemies and can bring you various modification as are homing missile, enhanced trade rate of swelling, power field, etc .

Stavová cathode - raytube to the left be quite well mature namely will show you - finish status your crafts. There you may see your energy shield, powerup, that you collected, lives and articles you scored.

Graphic art and sound effects

Graphics are not best soever seen, but probably they'd got alleyway in the year 1988. Colours be too monotonous and they miss variety. It looks as play paid assessment to bad conversion from Amigaa, from games looks much better on that basis.

Concerning sound effects, they be truly a bad. Only burny strains, some explosion and any digitized speech at the beginning every levels of, but nothing more than that.Fortunately, you can thrust forth sound effects (look down in - ův ' control first ' ' par). Music isn't nowhere to be found, and that is minus in my book.

Operating controls

they really is not much to no memorize in operating your spaceships how there be but buttons for kinetic direction, transforming from crafts land vehicle and, of course, fire button. Nevertheless, pivotal bindings are somewhat special so I will offer be here how little help you.

• Q - up• A - down• O - left• P - genuine• Z - craft/vehicles transforms• Space - fire• F - monostable sound effects on/free• F3 - interval• F10 - Level restart

it is important noticethat the play supports joystick verification. This was test for Logitech- ovo Rumblepad 2 namely washing like charm. It be too easier to played in this way and that is highly recommended.

Individual opinion and

xenon lockwork is not at all whacking play. In reality, that even hardly approach that, come in handy to play, at least this DOS converting. I heard that the other ports are way better and has bigger playability, but I'm didn't have occasion hereto, try out is. Barren of colours and poverty of sound trams be serious scratches, even if play can be interesting right now (especially trade/vehicle transforming parts). I give this play allowance 2.5 (from it is not totally bad to got 2, and it is not good enough for me to put that 3).

Together, I advise st. tothat the you play to this play only in casethat the did you are you interested in some of the earliest genre and if you want to experience prequel whacking xenon 2: Megablast. Failing that, go play this play on Amigaovi or Atariovi ST (if you have you got it possibility of) and does even leave alone themselves herewith.

Year of publication: 1988

Made by: Bitmap Brothers, The


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