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X-Men 2 - The Fall of the Mutants Reviews

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In X - Men 2, you can choose five members from the list fifteen another X - Men, whereupon you trace couple of swines (faithfully, members free force - most of whom was until recently part Brotherhood Evil Mutants). After you catch is, they direct to you to the next level. This sounds easy, but there's a big variety of enemies position among you and boss in. There are healing sums scattered throughout levels, but many of whom work only specific feature, and finding villains be exceedingly difficult.

Trip to your sometimes the point is blocked traps (which can be will disarm some characters) and wall. In every areas, there are two swines, first Telling you where find next. Every region is next divided by three level.

There are two modes buoy: turning- based one representative enemies and Allies with portraits and real - time arcade sideview one where you control currently active sign. All characters have two attacks, light and strong one, and divers can assault from afar.

Player faces X - Men about maze- similar level pokoušejících about find swines on schedule for either hry - času week behind region, but necessarily abut against blind person alley. It lie some skills signs come to use, such as breaking over the wall, teleportationnebo thorough interlining type. Play does day/night cycle, with peas vision reduced during night - time.

Present randomly straight generation and map editor gives play high repetition.

PC Reproduktorové strains are OK, even if they occasionally cut out. Graphic art mostly come in handy to, although colossus he looks like steel- pursy fighter. There not seem to be no will distinguish story except search couple of flyaway X - Men (storm and smithy).

Year of publication: 1990

Made by: Paragon Software Corporation


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