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World at War - Stalingrad Reviews

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World during the war - Stalingrad

how you can introduce, I expected much from games with it title. Especially from battles in Stalingradovi is one of the most high - powered battles in all of second world wars. I I must saythat the I ain't have not got quite what I expected. Let me explain.


setting games cannot catch athmosphere Stalingrada. In reality, I should not be one try from I've never been there, but at least to my mind, play with it title should have more ominous sensation. Or at least colder athmosphere.


all of you who play Battle Isle set they will make oneself at home. Cathode - raytube is divided over myriad hectagons, at what you can place your troop. Play alone be arranged in three by other phases: Planning phase, execution phase, and post - - action phase. In first phase, how perhapsthat the would was guessed, you plan movements your periods, supplies, attacks, make - up, etc .. By pressing Alt + E, you go over to execution phase. In those phase, you sit back and agree how does your troop move about and militate against enemy. After it what all be calm again, play automatically go to the phase 3, in which the you can read after- akčních news and sees, well how does your man do. Morale is also important factor in those phase.

In addition, play has day and nightthat the be too important on the part of canopy, rest (digs in your periods at night, then let them sleep), and hidden movement. The artillery is poorly not a hang applicable.


they is sound in play, although only when certain action are taken.For example, you can hear shots and explosion in execution phase, you hear - ův no go !sound when you have you got scrolled bottoms map, and you get bug strains at examine jump the queue impossible, like moving static unitary


play uses 256 colours, but no very well. Display foreground consists of map where you move periods, so there is not much to unenlivened.Explosion, that you do you see on screen be limited to a little red bolt of lightning and - ův clink!sound.Lockwork

over everything, I give those play 3. Why? Because those of you who loved Battle Isle can in reality has it like. Those of you who hasn't only needless their time read hereof. Stalingrad isn't misplay, but it is disappointing. Did you they could do much more from games this way. They did OK, though. 3 articles therefor.

Year of publication: 1994

Made by: Avalon Hill


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