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To je znovu-vydání herního PARAGON z 1991. Mimo pár titulních obrazovek, hry jsou identické: stejné úrovně, grafika a hra. Nic změnil ani


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Opener worm is one of oldest computer plaies I know. Citation advance designer Alan Farmer, opener worm be quick, provocative computer game with next specials:

* in extenso compatible with IBM PC and per cent younger * Color and sound effects be backed but optional * Not ones or two but EIGHT games will shadow * editor included for customizing play will shadow * vrcholnýchdeset high score and name are spared on drive.

sounds handsome, always?BUT, this play was programmed in the year 1985 so we need to explained - ův coloured and sound effects ' : Graphic art is ASCII and sound is genuine PC speaker of peep. But as though nothing that nobody's play. In reality it be fairly merry entertainment skipping and crawling about using cursor keys and of free seats.

To win the game you simply need to get into bell and ring the bell it. If you are you looking for highscore, make surethat the collect presents on screen. It is very useful use it wells how they help you jump quite high.

Everything, What can I say lastly is that you should definitely play game themselves. Has that price 25 kB on your hard disk.

As soon as you slow DOSBOX down to about 1500 cyclesthat it%%= becomes playable, but always keep in mind: Make it too slow kills all merry entertainment!

Year of publication: 1985

Made by: Alan Farmer


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