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This play them of race between chirrup, bunny with hot - flue by balloon, and rat zep.

Even if play really undisciplined rat often, first introduction cuts scene shows that the rat tricks shooting chirrup down with his shotgun. Now chirrup have to search throughout the country for others hot air balloon.

Chirrup has mushroom how health bar, collects bunting and jewelry for articles, and gains extra life after becomes 10,000 articles. He militate against dialling by assault which can kill some of the enemies and transform is into mushrooms which can add in some health to fungal health bar. Unfortunately, exert such vertiginous attackthat the he uses health from health bar, and enemy they may also reduce to blue mushroom instead of red one's. Blue mushrooms are bad for chirrup, since, what are they taken health when eaten. Besides, some of the enemies are even resistant to his vertiginous into attack ! Attack will annihilate some walls if chirrup collected boxes which enable him do so. The more boxings, that he is given, more masonries he may destroy with his vertiginous into attack ! You can at once lose your lives if you don't arrange heed when enemy be entering you. It remanding discharge your health till then, than you either step aside or die.

Limited time find hot air balloon will do worry anyone who sinks in level and cannot solve how advance, how this urges player to took failing that. Fortunately there are many way to finish level and much alternative way to find hot air balloon. Levels of are riddle that are in by many waies dissolvable; someways have more premium while next be but quicker. There are also some hidden alleywaies and objects which lead you to a close. Hide area as though they may find give you some articles, overtime, and objects which they need some investigation to find out, what their purpose is. It's platform play riddle!

Play be fairly ungrudging when it comes to lives. You have you got on the whole 12 lives, depending on difficultythat the are mostly "continued." since, what so have you obtain extra life after 10,000 points, you will be able beat play no problem if you have you got plenty of time. Unfortunately there is no way buckler your play, so if you leave you will have to do that all over again.

There are 8 levels of in the aggregate, by the help of 4 unique straight proposals. Graphic art are display and well designed, except in some minor detail that are excusable.

Music is astonishing for its time. While most of other plaies have had little to no music those play had another musical theme for by any level.

Uncanny play, pleasant graphic art, and riddle that can be solved in many ways do reproduction satisfactory experience for everyone nosey player which wants to know every possibility of alternative way to end level.


Pick out " music sound cards" and "Sound Blaster" at the beginning. To printing - down safety code, look at somebody's in addition above review.

Operating controls are:F1 = breakF2 = resume play

SPACE + any cursor drive = twistAny cursor drive tornadoes + space = jumpSPACE + no cursor keys + SPACE = jump + twister will plait

don't forget to raised your cycles in DOSBOX.

Year of publication: 1994

Made by: Flair Software


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