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Where time stood continue to be real diamond when it it seemed. Isometric view of action- adventurous mixture that follows story perhaps four people who accidentally find myself in abeyance parts world where evidently time stood for millions of years. Such storythat the you be heard (or vision) many a time, but at the time play get along yet it wasn't used much.

After famous " Great Escape", Denton suggestions were to be more'n able create next action- adventurous legend improved motor, graphic art and play raised to new level. Of course play will remind you " Great Escape", as it has similar phenomenon and play. This time you control four people. Each of them has it's own skills, personalities and relations with by other. You will have to lead be carefully through danger hereof world - forgotten seats and achieve security boring world.

Generally, you have to look into surrounding countryside finding entries and handle hardship. Leader (and pilot) is Jarret and is thatthat the you directly verification. His now unhappy embarkment are young couple Dirk and Gloria and Clive, Gloriin father and wealthy marketer - would you mind saythat it%%= has a little awaited. Every sign has by its own skills and can carry until four sums. Also, their terms affect play. Operating controls only consist from directions and fire button which you used to tingle or running (depending on are you moving). Print SPACE to entered inventories. If sum can be seen on screen, then you can lump it, but lump it only when that is close. Failing that, sign can get confused. Also, characters they may tire, hungry, thirsty...

There are some questionable things in those play. If you run, characters they may get lost and cannot follow you. Also, small alleywaies can be tricky how characters they may jam. Yet, they manage to solve when they should come back or so, but they may need few seconds. But biggest problem they will poverty of saves option. This meansthat the you will have to play game all over again if you do fatal mistake and this play is kind games in which the you act learning from your slip - ups. This play be a back number one (it appear for old basis also), but at least one saves position would she could do everything much easier from this is not exactly simple action play. On the other side perhaps, that no - didn't want be easy since surviving in abeyance world is formidable.

Although there are some things, that do this play much hard and as though very much heighten time needed, to hammered this and although not as famous like some more games that time, there's no doubt as though this play is fable one. Unfortunately probably only most patient field they will succeed in clear out, which makes PC version less attractive. Therefore this version will not get highest mark, but phrase "legendary" stays. Highly recommended to everyone action- adventurous fan.

If be in a tight spot passing form selection, use numbers on keyboard and then press 0 activate play.

Year of publication: 1987

Made by: Dentons


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