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War Wind Reviews

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War wind is real - time strategy game created Strategic Simulations Inc . It be of interest attempt, but misfired in a few greetings and will never didn't obtain popularity which SSI trust in to she could have pierce into real - time strategic market.

Set upon distant planet Yauvan where people don't exist, four races warfare for another reasons. Technologically advanced Tha'Roon who wish to rule over sewn Yauvan, warrior works Obblinox who believe in honour and wants call appeal for valuable their skills, vegetable- similar Eaggra who wish to disengage themselves from being enslaved theTha'Roon, aprimitivní shamanistic tribes Shamaova' Lia, who fight to bottle ancient prophecy. Every race has its reasons and his object in those large forming rolls, but but one can be champion.

Wartime wind uses left the- clicks mouse button for withdrawal and ordering periods, and right - click button for deselect. Genuine- clicking period discovers menu which portrayals his another function. Graphic art be understood and that is easy identify objects at a single glance. It is also attractive to followed troop move, fight, and die.

This play introduced draft which will never caught on. Instead of building textures which produces soldiers, you build structure, send worker into of what and spend source articles to exercised worker into soldier. Yes, that entailsthat the troop they may move into outhouse. Concerning hereof, interesting game is to hide your basic defensive force in houses and wait for friend to go straight for centre your base before snare is. You can also go into a place enemy courts and steal resources. Because of those thought, field have to build Inns who allow them to hire workers, mercenary troops, and occasionally heroes. But, you can only hire troop which be in fact inside restaurant, you cannot only click "purchase working" button.

Wartime wind also presents interesting system hush - hush for troop. Masked troop not seem to on mini - maps, disguised troop look like enemy troops, hidden troop are translucent, and invisible troop cannot be seen to at all. Unfortunately, only invisibility work against computer AI, and shielding be effective only in multiplayer against human opponent of.

Next interesting thought is influential bar. You grow demolition enemy periods and outhouse or have your leader clan spend resources. You lose ground when your troop and outhouse be destroyed and at performing research. Influence works how fast new troop will appear in your restaurants and your leadership war cry clan canthat the can be used only once every play.

A unique election feature is ability lead over several troop for either election mission to the next so you can hold your most powerful and sweetheart troop with you through campaign.

Every race has it's own campaign that is of played a little failing that. Tha'Roon reliance on possession strong troop alive because of their high production calculation. Obblinox reliance on their class - divided troop warrior which are hard to destroy, yet wield power creep rate. Eaggra reliance on their scout class - divided troop, can build troop cheaply and quickly, and have strongest outhouse, but their troop be easy to destroy. In the end, Shamaův' Li has most powerful spell founder and need to be close to fight extend to obtain most of the their combat unit.

Instead of buying main upgrade which works all your troop, you should buy bio- upgrade for troop distributively support their health, rate of swelling, look, aggressive can, and secrecy, as well as buy faery for every spell founder. This agreed SSI'S thought which in War wind you would have small armies instead of massive one like in warfare and order & contesting. Nevertheless, that be more of a burden on your resources then provocation for have small military, while computer AI has massive military similar to other plaies.

One of most interesting lynxs is outhouse. Once every worker start construction one, that already be applicable. You can stop construction once outhouse be applicable, but it does building easy to destroyed and as soon as you build up worker from outhouse something, you have to spend even more agents to got build up to rude.

There are no defensive textures other than walls and land mine. No tower to made impossible wall fires to advance through. Wartime wind be more - stylu offensive games rather than focusing on defence. If your leader clan dies, you at once lose play.

User interface poorly is designed. If you won't you memorize all hotkeys, you will have to right - click period to build outhouse, train periods, buy bio- upgrade therefor, mans spell, etc . when you make accessible unitary menu, period stops shift and fight and only stand there idleness till then, than you deselect it or shortlisting something from genuine clicks menu.

Beside mini - maps, influential bar, leadership portrait clan, health bar, and choice unitary statistical returns, there be no plane glass surface in normal sense (no unitary order bar or any other plane glass surface which most real - timestrategických players is used to, only largeportion screens used to CU).

Play also have any main drawbacks of, from nichž some way I sketch here. Firstly, his level problems is way too high, no way to reduce to it. Computer AI can also see everything on map while player is stuck in obscure situation, so doing that necessary in some cases use disclose map trick code to be able to even playground. AI faithfully virgates your leader clan in user's peas, begin with superior numbers, prefabricated bases, and excessive amount source points. It to be almost necessary to use strategic handbook recap (that include list fiddler codes) this was shipped with play to hammered campaign. Secondly, if you won't you memorize hotkeys, you will not be able to keep up with AI in most greetings. Third, because of excess expense level problems, but one or two user's play maps and modes be in fact playable without be shot less than five minutes into games. Fourth, War blustery draft and design should work so much better how turning- based playthat the was region in which the SSI excelled. Of the whole play line be destined to turning- based play, but was shoehorn on real - time strategy. Fifth, there it's never enough to agents on some /every /no to a given map and you be forced to rely on gain Resources trick code to be able to win.

Campaign is playable, and through trial and error you can solve how win if you read missionary description very careful. Make sure, to scrimped at the end every mission and always hold couple of workers in your list mobile periods, as many mission will not arrange you enough to for a start, sometimes no nothing.

Wartime wind was ambitious attempt at create play this was another second - hand, but it would be better how turning- based play, and that needs way to weaken difficulty from "only Boha stand chance" "perhaps regular people can win." unfortunately, War wind was one of the few "bad" plaies created Strategic Simulations Inc ., and break down solicitation foothold in fast in plant real - time strategic market.

If you wish win, hold your troop alive bythat the be sent to your Tech center for healing - or if did you Eaggra or Shamaův' Li, always occupation Rejuvenative Touch or healing.

Year of publication: 1996

Made by: DreamForge Intertainment, Inc.


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