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Kdy já jsem koupil můj z druhé ruky C64 I jsem dostal hodně her spolu s tím. Mezi těmi byla také hra nazvaný Ocean Ranger. Titul zní dobř


Wacky Funsters! The Geekwads Guide To Gaming Reviews

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Subject those games is simple. Did you player by the name of Geekwad and are sucked into your PCs .. You be faced with senescent king and he needs your reinforcing hold ancient art high - quality entertainment PC games alive. To be able to succeed, you need to played various games and be as good on them how do you you may be.

First thing, that have had me hooky were humour. I'm loved read credits and theft prevention questions are actual heat price disturbance! After that you be faced with your king and he explains situation you. Next you get into pick play to played.

There are 5 games to played.

Clink is play table tennis. Only object is to ricocheted ball back to opponent's side court. It does sounds familiarisn't it? You tamper with by using mice.

Rambi against Blambo is handsome little games forest animal killing. You aim at life - form and do isn't- žitím one get articles. This is also played using mice.

Big guys With beef is slosh is kind games. ; old grade teacher will explain you exactly that, what do you need to do and then you go up fight!

Steroids is play where you need to go in bodies- builder head and hold dangerous steroids from misdoing his bodies.

A last play from initial list is Road manslaughter. It's play where you need to slew certain material you will find on way, at vacation of next thing unspoiled (read driving manual therefor).

Together it is comical play and after every sub - gamete really would she should go and speak to king. You will notice some whacking changes in him :)

play graphically well be backed; especially cartoonish animation bring much titter your face. Strains are OK, but run of the mill. Operating controls are simple enough and play be clean and simply merry making, although it does it seems for it is) only mixture whacking old plaies.

A it seems this play be as successful as though tsunami made continuation about Geekwad and his adventures playing, one we already treat right here on Abandonia!

Year of publication: 1992

Made by: Tsunami Media, Inc.


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