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Bůh hromu je počítačová hra která byla zveřejněná v roce 1993 společností nazvanou softwarová Creations. Díky nedostatku financování, nik


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Soever read Thomasa Moorea? He described utopia how place where (among other things man and wife could see each other naked before wedding and make up one's mind if they've like to what are they sees - at that time that the parents always disposed whole thing)! Well this utopia isn't nothing like that, but you get chance to build your own world.

First I heard about those play was when I'm asked about it, be associated for play nobody else he would like review and Tom got me this... Even doesn't know what play be about, but after read some of other review and especially manuals, I'm was knewthat the this are games for me!

So let's start playing. First you catch sight of plane glass surface do you really will you hate at least I'm did). It's early copy some of other interface with really wrong arrow how finger. 0 articles for creativity, but 8 articles for making work (better then have no finger at all). Scrolling could made with renewal also, but... I think I only require too much. Have to always keep in mind this play be done back at the beginning 90s!

In comparison with some next plaies since it is horrible. Nabocklishthat the I I trust I'm got games like Caesar 2 & 3, faro, and many others plaies going.

It is about outhouse basic in a way - so even out Simem City is natural one, but in utopia you advance from steps rung, collection medal also - and only after you are attained certain living standards you will preparing to progressed second - next rung!

You have you got another sorts outhouse, that are needed hereto, do impertinent work: -It them to a next planet, so you will need to produced your own oxygen. - pro by any performance well as you know, you will need energy. - pro things to processed you will need workers, who they will work only for money, so you need cash... -A no put aside military. You are not alone in universe don't you know!!!

Foreignes they will implore assault you when did you bit utopia looks handsome enough to for them lump it! When that becomes, you will need command centre, build so much, how much do you want, but keep in mind but one can be active at that time.

Basically active one is place where all action during attack takes place - you allot through it - therefore it is command centre (rainbows). Therefore also it is primary objective for your enemies (better build several, failing that did you on a large scale problem).

You can counterstrike also, but then you you do not have no verification your soldiers, you will only hear Telling you if they succeeded or very are misfired (like I have got playing those games).

But thing I'm loved most about it (and it is me I trust most original parts) is ability spy foreigner!!!

You need enough money to do that of course, but will you lead off, and that is always merry making to peer at slimy purple 10 eyed foreign women at putting off - directly?

At all events - I'd give this play 3. I'm hated really plane glass surface - you must click at a red light square every time you do you want leave certain cathode - raytube - humbug Failing that it is playthat the offer you some entertainment next time about also - so it is not one - shot wonder...

Year of publication: 1991

Made by: Celestial Software


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