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Jisaeneun Dal je zajímavá akční platformní hra od Pantech, která obvykle publikoval hry od Mirinae Software. Zatímco nastavení v středově


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This play made much stir when it get along. Similar to other plaies fancy which looked astonishing at the time (such as shadowy figure animal), those games pushed limit in graphic phenomenon. Amigaovy whacking graphic skills were to be used hereto, create any first - rate lady of colour and rich in detail backcloth and creatures, making of all contemplation "unreal". Next aspects are not so astonishing, but play will remembered in Amigaově world. Play is mixture 3D flying and třetího - shooting men (similar space waster and after burner), and common 2D side- scrolling skipping and buoy. Volant part be much faster - you go fire- breathing dragon and have to give wide berth hindrances to rallied moci - ups at shooting big monsters. In slower parts, you play to how sinewy, almost- nahý fair - haired warrior. Except skipping and buoy with the sword, you will have to handle some logical exercises also.

DOS version perhaps can not be in comparison with Amigaovou version as far as graphic art concern, but it be between nejlepšímivypadajícími DOS plaies same time. What separate it from of other plaies are biggies fairies different monsters which surely looked astonishing back then. There wasn't much plaies where would you mind see such big and rich in detail enemies. Nevertheless, everything is for poorly animated. All creatures are resurrected with only by two or by three sprites which to be almost same. They only differs from the themselves in parts as though move, like wings, legs or arms, so you have you got monster which slip be pulled another coordinates visual limb limb, but absentio of real feeling movement. At played with warrior (who isn't fair - haired in those version), there be no sky. Backcloth is simply black, give the impression the dusk. Landscapes are nice to and rich in detail so are creatures, but everything is for somehow static and slow. No exactly that, what you would awaited at act sinewy- master warrior swords.

In comparison with Amigaovou version, play is shorten and simplified. There are three levels of and every level has two parts: flying dragon and played with warrior. This meansthat the two volant parts be missing. Also, DOS version is missing whacking pictures among levels, that you light upon Amigaova publication. Volant interest in DOS version generally come in handy to and fast, but they present scarcely any- call appeal for. You get unyielding firing power at once, which makes most upgrade needless if you are not really bad flyer (upgrade seem how coloured fans or something). If you crash, you only lose articles. If you crash fourtimes, your gunpower is reduced one. In this way, only purpose parts dragon is collection centre. Every level has counter separation point and you need ten thousand points for extra life, so shot departure everything, what you can, even trees. As soon as you get familiar with level, only advances in possession fire button.

Part warrior be too linear and riddle are reduce to a minimum, making of all completely action- oriented. All of it come down to teaching danger and enemy appearances in level. You will need to learned / knew how act with them and you will need some accuracy and reflexed. Play may seem a hard at the beginning, but after some entertaining time, only last level will present call appeal for. Most players pass quicker play from volant part. With those biggies, handsome fairies monsters and landscapes that are mostly slow or static, playing part warrior feels more like file illustration which be put in games, in trust , that phenomenon alone will equalize further poverty of dynamism. You will have to achieve third level to in the end prove your skills. You initially have you got five lifes and of no visible electrometer. You can collect small brown objection against renew some energy. You can also update your sword into flaming one's. It be of great interest feature from you may use some /every /any kind fires to do that - usual fire, dragon fire, candle fire, etc . if you struck flame with your sword, you will set it up "under fire" and attack your stop much - stronger. Too bad it is only thing you get, because Amigaova version have more upgrade swords to bade.

In comparison with Amigaovou version, it is one thing better - sword master. Warrior does movement pang of at position or huddling and performs swift attack in Golden style axe while in mid air. It can safely be saidthat the using swords on Amigaovi is lower; warrior even pulls his arms, but holds his arms close to his bodies, tremor sword up and down a little like he is back scribbles somebody's with tip, and uses same movement both underfoot and in mid air. DOS version at least gives some sensation buoy.

It is very hard to signed unreal. You so much expectation on games this way and get barren of impression. Something simply is missing, except lepšíchvypadajících backcloth. Except of those gigantic enemies and two handsome repetition airs (especially one in volant parts), really you don't get much. Volant part has unyielding rate of swelling, but is commuted to simple premiums level for extra lives, while part warrior be too slow to give you orderly enjoyment. Last level can be slightly more merry making, but you manage first two levels of after several examinations. There is not very nesting, except graphic designer, of course. But at least this play is mixture two by other drafts games. It, combination with graphic art, dispense play average mark. To play this way leave such pale impression - it do they really unreal.

Year of publication: 1991

Made by: Ordilogic Systems


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