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When everything is for darkness and of each of go to bed, anybody knows what happens. There be but guesswork to be done. In Trollsthat the judgment is old childsdream. Toys will be revived and start their day in wonderland which subsist on thing to was found in childish sleeping quarters and imagination.

In Trolls, you stray several skywaies, constituent world to played v. Every world do arithmetics four levels of. To some dark, uncanny reason, little babytrolls are diversion about level and it's up to you collect is. Collect are all and you can go winged pig to the next level. How are you one of those halves - ninetieth ages troll with their round faces and brightly coloured hair, your status is shown through your hairy colour. Purple is normal. Any time you be hit, your hair red. Poison green does your body heavy how lead.

Gun - toting with yoyos you can find in balloons everywhere, it is up to you climb up combs, kill several absurd or well- tažený, although they always be well- tažený, enemy and collect lilt children. Once you have done this in four levels, that world is closed and it is time check for next. During these level, you can collect letter for either word premium or bogus firma. Formation word premium is taking you to bonuslevel when you be finished flow one. When did you formed faked, did you taken to faked level. Discrepancy between by both, is that athat the in faked level, you need to find certain object in given time or you lose one's life. Premiums levels of are without any danger at all.

Graphic art be understood lady of colour, all well - done and inspiration to imagination. All animation are fluent and well - considered into detail. Everything enemies're suggested with big imagination and sense levels of design, along with makes surethat the look on the whole would have not got repeated. Although backcloth she could work this available, variation enemies you encountering on the way dothat the you look past this.

Troll be overwhelming play, merry making to played and merry making to followed. Divers might not like extreme using clear colours, but it come in handy to change from whole dark, shady plaies where you cut dead what happens two steps ahead of you. If you either have baby, are baby or narcomaniac, this play is perfect download to you.

Year of publication: 1992

Made by: Flair Software


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