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Buck Rogers je hrdina knihy komiksů budoucnosti, z vzdálené minulosti. To byli během obou světových válek že Buck Rogers narodil se jak d


Traffic Department 2192 Reviews

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Ministry transport 2192 is three - part down from top shooter. How with many plaies from of his time, first episode be released how shareware, with last by two only accessible for purchase. Everything, play includes 59 mission to finish.

Story is what is he doing this play really last on his time. Play is set on planet Seche in 2192, where there's a 25 - year old war among ministry transports and attack race called the Vultures. You play to Martha Velasquez, whose father be killed Vultures before her at replacement from garrison services 14 years before. She join ministry transports to avenged her from her odce death, and story lifts just before usual convoy mission demolition.

Before and every once in a while mission you be shown several conversation among play characters to advance conspiracy. What start off as pretty simple TD against Vultures war quickly develop into long way complicated story comprehensive betrayal of from within, third race monsters and political faction in every race. Over course games, you moved to by other cities and even to month. Story is what making you want to continue playing, and that is play saving grace because play alone is rather usual.

Play walks with two option for script, original "uncut" version and edited version. You have to choose one always, when you start play. Language in original version really isn't as though strong though - changes include making "to hell with" into " r'ox with" and "damned headache" into "of those headache". Surprisingly, phrase "you duranium godemiche" be abandoned in both versions!

Play is, unfortunately, enough to basic. You use cursor keys to drowe your by boat and space bar to fire away. You have you got paucity controlled fire into you can fire away, but those are seldom needed. Only next lynx your boats is night- visual modethat the be forced to up to you in some missions and simply turns whole cathode - raytube on tints red. You get into fly several other crafts during games, each of which has it's own rate of swelling, arms and/hull force shield.

Your missionary purposes are give you taking aim mark about your boatsthat the articles to something and shows whether you should to displace that aloft (red), buckler it (green light), or go there (cyan). Unhappy in prospecting- a - zničit mission there is no way change what it target, so you can examine fight with a couple of enemy by boat directly beside you while pointing four - square mark point in somebody's in distant corner levels of. At least there's a full - screen map you can switch to to are could identify more local purposes.

There are only a few basic mission kinds: kill everything in the view of, buckler one or more by boat (often killing etceteras in the view of), or get somewhere without happen manslaughter. Most mission be fairly straight forward, although some of the protective mission can be pain. AI is also much basic; enemy craft they will tend to fly wheels about outhouse so even front office can be loser only flying forward and backward on the one hand at hold down of free seats.

Play graphic art are standard VGA. Mission contemplation penalty, and faces signs in cutscenes be right pulled. Whole cutscenes are static; there's no animation. Music is OK also. It's basic Adlib music, but there are a few by other airs namely does not become poisonous. Sound effects be but arms fires and thing blowing up; there's no land - gamete speech.

Everything, that be fairly entertainer that would had hold did you took for a few hours every episode. It hasn't exactly didn't obtain most low - level games, but you will continue playing I wish seen what happens next in story. Definitely worth look.

Year of publication: 1994

Made by: P Squared


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