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Toto brzký a vzácný DOS rybářský sim má nabídkové hnané rozhraní stejně jako Wizard herní Rockstar. Jestli vy jste těšili se ze že hra vy


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There are many militant plaies outside. Divers be overwhelming (like vital Kombat) et al. are filth (like 3D World Boxing). Heavy man be somewhere among.

It's standard militant games and remind me much street fighter II. Introduction is excellent I think, although music she could be better, but after that the play lapse into mediocrity. You get into choose type battles (hard battles, v. mode or tournament) and then you get into fight.

You have you got not half bad selection fighters. Every one of them is somewhat unique (like adolescent Romanian girl gymnast). Every fighter also have any unique movements in addition to standard .

Fight alone could run somewhat smoother and flashing spurt which show oneself when opponent of be hit be truly a only trouble. Sound during buoy is handsome though. After that competition every fighter has small celebration of dance (if it is that a, what you should call that) and these be fairly merry making.

Best thing, nevertheless is 2 player option (whipping filth from your friend always be merry making).

Unfortunately this play is to make in easter Asia and setting is in native language. This meansthat the most you will probably be unable to read instruction. First and second line configures sound card. Third line defines input device. You can sport with joystick (there come through two 2 button and one 4 button joystick election) or you can configure keyboard (it is 4. line in menu pad). Here are preset keys (if you do you want change is, only see what did they do above all).

Layer 1: E = up+left; R = up; T = up+right; D = left; G = directly; C = down+left; In = down; B = down+right; W, S, Q and A be used for pummeling and shoes.

Layer 2: To move simply use numerical part keyboard (numbers from 1 to 9 without 5). To pummeling and shoes use HOME, PAGE UP, END and page down.

Year of publication: 1994

Made by: Panda Entertainment Technology Co., Ltd.


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