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I live recall mine first memory of SuperSpeed. Back upon the day, that we're were be obsessed with writing demos and minute animals, but when this play come in our possession, we're be but we're he came in our last week examinations. Like I'm was had some time to spare as though specific in afternoon, quickly I'm lit mine 386, installed play and prepared for short session playing. Five hours later, curse were volant, gods be called on, and me yet I'm must have been began studying. Will never no underestimate much change animals.

Look back at it now and lay blows into next an hour games in DosBox, yet see what got mine initial attention, although graphic art are run of the mill. They now contemplation rather average, but they serves their purpose well. Music is also run of the mill write home about: divers fumbled brands and peep, some basic sound effects now and then namely about summarises it.

But shifting on to real hammer - headed gritty, we strike on his outstanding play, delightful dinky autos, variation courses or perhaps problems games (or better - poverty of that), after some time, that sucks you genuine in and do you do yourace on. A get in about itthat the your opponent of it seems just got their driving title and that there be but two sorts powerup? Oh well, cannot have all of it. In spite of to these things, play merits 4 on mine personal list, even if only therefor losable in afternoon.

To all those are has been interested in operating controls:

left shift begins player 1 / throttlez left turnx genuine veer

highly underestimated, no familiar bigger public but surely worth giving that shot departure. I'm was I bet you no prince it. Only make sure, whether you you do not have run of the mill prepare for that day.

Year of publication: 1995

Made by: Tom Fresen


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