Celtic Tales - Balor of the Evil Eye
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Keltské historky - Balor uhrančivého pohledu je hra, která je, jak ta je nazvaná, inspirovaná s keltskou legendou Balor. On byl enormně s


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It is time for some competition. Extra Karts come in handy to computer game. Which means it is not too realist, but it is yet merry making to played.

There are two modes to played v. One is style arcade where you get life and articles by collecting money somebody fall to course. More money, that you collect better. So have you get money for good racing record, so don't stay on far behind at collection that.

Additional options is kind malingering. This is mine favourite. You choose either 1. or 2. part tournament or you can play whole tournament. You will have to race and get articles for good performance. That, who collects most points wins v. Again you can lift money to buy upgrade (such as bigger tank or better motor...) for car. This be basically needless on easier levels; nevertheless on rougher one you will have to do that. Difference in levels is rate of swelling out and their armour. Autos be much faster on highers levels games.

Both modes have escape stop - marked by place where you drive through slowly stand up drive and redress. A both have premium arcade to rallied obtainable in pit - freeze also). You can collect turbo (until 5), extra hold (until 5), oil (your wrecking oil). Turbo do your car go fast and extra hold give you much needed extra hold on plight (computer usings these extras also). Oil be another pair of shoes. leaking oil to course you can mess up PCs . hold tires. Your opponent of will turn round harum - scarum, but if you soak through too large part that on way, your car slack breaks and you will slack tow also, so watch.

A speciality games is as though it forms text based log files on your primary drive. It forms handsome table and you can check for current erect after some /every /no závodunebo all your and opponent's times lap.

Play also has reticular play, and 2 player split screen. Nevertheless I'm experienced key - ring problems overfreight in later. Perhaps if you implore set another keys....

Play has good sound effect contemplating his age. Music is run of the mill. I usually thrust forth it. Graphic art come in handy to. Playability be high, for it is for beginners as well as for experienced user. His weakness is realitythat the cannot play to single race. So I'd arrange 4 globally.

Year of publication: 1995

Made by: Manic Media Production


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