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That were time thoughts. That were time creativity. That were time, when you may not have whacking graphic art, bad watching villains, sexy looking heroine... That were time when dinky play named Styx he was born.

Play be clean inspired. It's simple, addictive, merry making, again- playable, provocative. You name quality good play needs, and this play has it (until your image good games ungathered from High Resolution graphic and studio- mixed song).

Did you small point on contour view screens sizes rectangle. There be rounded up harmonica shift about that accidentally and you need to cut rectangle to be able to contain harmonica to but one parts. At cut centre, you be too vulnerable. If you collide with pole rod or if they touch lines did you drawing, you lose one's life.

As soon as you take more then 80% rectangle, you act to the next, more difficult level. There be kind of like snake castigate you, so guard that as well.

In the top right you catch sight of premium mark. Blue believes 1X premium, red 5X premium and green light 10X premium, so if demesne is coloured green you get much greater premium then if it is blue.

You get into move in all eight directions. You control point with numerical keies and you start cut by pressing F1.

Play features very good graphic art for 1983 (although they consist of nothing more then forms and colours. Sound is quite good either dithering it is coming from the speaker of. It can get poisonous though, repetition roar (like that of a car engine) representative fast moving harmonica in the middle of.

Everything in all play be overwhelming classic would didn't have would lose!

To run game you will need to change machine tariff on DOSBOX from VGA CGA and you will need to slackened it about 500 cycles.

Year of publication: 1983

Made by: Windmill Software


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