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This simple and comical play is one of oldest (unless oldest) DOS clones famous fight. Here, you control gunship and had to drive away foreigner through five mission. Your arms pile from divide by and bombs. Either can be used for some /every /no aim, regardless be country or air target. What you will use depend upon situation: if it be ahead of you, fires it, if it be under you, bomb it. You boundless ammunition so you may as well no disengage fire button. Only thing, what isn't boundless is firing, so you have to destroy cans on ramps, that refill small fuel quantity.

Mission are essentially the same: you fly above landscape with by various enemies and you must achieve ends landscapes. There you will have another office depending on missionary aim. Nothing much, but it is nice to add in this how change to always flying and shooting. You can choose from four level problems. They differ in issue and fire rate enemies, quantity points demand for extra life, and first appearance enemy kinds. If you choice level novice, first mission will have no volant purposes. First two sorts volant enemies they will visible in second mission, and new type will start manifestation with by any next mission. If you choose any /every /any harder level, first few absence certain enemy kinds are jump. There are only a few by other kinds, but start you can play to novice or mesne balance out procurable familiar with enemies. Of course, when you beat all five mission, play begins over, but advances in raise the standard problems. There's a one more interesting feature that can be very useful sometimes: your bombshells they may destroy enemy gooly. This probably work your preference towards highs in ambusher.

If did you played fight, Sopwith or perhaps defence attorney than you be on familiar provincial. If you like these sorts plaies then ambusher surely will amuse with you for some moments, and it might also be much provocative. Couple of short airs on PC loud - speakers be present, and graphic art surely she might be better even for 1985. Nevertheless, these sorts plaies really don't need to rely on appearance. If you can withdraw from technical parts, this old play be cock of merry entertainment for a while.

Use cursor key to move your helicopter, SPACE for ordnance, and X for bombshells. You can always will overstate keys. Read STRIKER.DOC for more instruction.

You will need to have had your Dosbox cycles given low for this play to reached playable rate of swelling. Somewhere below 1000 should behave well.

Year of publication: 1985

Made by: Derek Williams


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