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Konceptu kombinování umění a počítačové hry je zajímavý jeden. Zvláště jestli hra je sci-fi/ dobrodružství hrůzy a umělce žádného méně ne


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This play hold true classic. You start off as small - minded street chariot which wants was king roads. S small amount of money you buy car (in reality more piece crop ends) and will start competition. As soon as you start victory some works you get more money and out. Continue competition until don't you have you got best car possible to and then call on king to be able to become first street chariot!

There be more then enough to competition plaies about. Things, that do this competition play another is fact totally you can change your car how do you do you want. Reduce motor, carburetter, rooftop, wheels etc . you can even throw impressive label on the part of your autos.

At competition of other racing motorcyclist you can either strive for penězíchnebo heave - ho. At competition for heave - ho you can win opponent of car or drop your, so watch whom are provocative!

Fact this play will not get perfect score is lady by other works courses. It's either drag race or perimeter (which will not change btw). Play equalizes with merry entertainment valetudinary your ride.

At all events, if you mood for some streetracing, draw down this little precious stone!

Year of publication: 1989

Made by: Magic Partners


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