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Known board game, Stratego, is play about strategy. Your mission is to find next player flag and defend your own. To are did so you control force which vary from bombs snoopers and etceteras there is in among.

In every veer you move by one of your pcs . either one square plumb or flatlings. If you move your piece to square that is of line engaged your enemy figure, one of numbers be sent to from battlefield. It's intended character by force that is of painted on card - lower issue, stronger sign is. So if your captain (5) assault sergeant (7), whose you win battle and sergeant is removal from battlefield.

There are any special rules though, like that the bombshells and bunting be unseccessful. A bomb kills every man's which limps it, except in miner, who disarm it. Most powerful piece on ship, marshal (1) only can be captive (displaced) snooper and, of course, he she'll get blow away if he attack bomb.

A now several chicken about play design for. Start off by graphic art. Well, there be no actual heat price graphic art but only flat table with blue and red rectangles which have drawings inside. Sound is gruesome, at least on mine computer where sound is long, extremely irritating BEEP. You should thrust forth it definitely.

This play is necessity for all Stratego lover et al. who relishs playing table plaies on their computer, but to those, who either have - not like to Stratego or just want play to Stratego with human field, this play can be overlooked.

Year of publication: 1990

Made by: Accolade, Inc.


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