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WWII... Whole road from first strike Germany on Poland to allied/Soviet taking Berlin. Here's your chance come back in time and relive biggest battles of the whole wars. No in dugout Francienebo in the rest cities Leningrada, but at ease your home or office chair.

Initial adjustment games lets you pick to militate against conflicts Pacifikunebo one taking seats in Europe. So does it offers attractive view of playing how both sides, so if you want to find out how so can away, that is net price possibility of. This also gives play brand - new level repetition, how mission and force they will look entirely different depending on which side you pick. This fact is taking us to the point where play really annoies up some nice to articles: Detailed level militaries. Before mission begins, you have you got several points which you use to bought troop. They ranging from ft- pěšího Rgt . = regiment, mounted cavalry, qualified sniper and engineers armour lorries, tanks, promotive aviations and marine dive - bombed troop.

Every period has it's own unique advantage and disadvantage, combination them all is key to success. Shooting rifle circuits in tank be highly ineffective, but mining region before tanks carriage - drive or bombing it by using mortar strike a bargain. Alike, tanks can be ham - handed and easily chose with the artillery. Of the whole force armour periods and aggressive skills periods be understood given during buying phase. A from point laymans- of - view, all troop seems a rather exactly circumscribed.

As far as play concerning, that is standard turning- based strategy- hra, with added premium often overlooked aspect - if you want, to airy stroke - or bombard region with mortar or battleship, you need to planned in front. It will take given winding number before strike element can be used, so you need to foresaw enemies next movement. Also toner only bomb half map oblivion before your soldiers get anywhere near friend...

Stark learning curve those games is drawback from that. There are so many politic command and military words as though perhapsthat the would she could have get had some real trouble with at the beginning. But if did you overcame this, you start see this whacking play really therefor, what is the: A true classic!

I was had some problem running sound in Dosbox, but it labor under true DOS cluster round.

Year of publication: 1995

Made by: Strategic Simulations, Inc.


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