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Twelve odvážní hrdinové jsou uvěznění v kameni a pohřbený hluboký pod chrámem Nebeského světla, připravený být nazývaný dále kdy země Kal


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' It was to five years from your planetfall on Resida. Your heroism in unless condemned world results in a big publicity, but your life blunt scrubwork was replaced life blunt paperwork. Today you find myself in the middle of administrative maze deck Twelve on typically exciting imposition: exigency mission to cosmic station gamma 777 - G 59/59 Sector Alpha - Mu - 79 lift reserve requests for starry business patrols regulation black forms Binders Request forms female former ...* extract from opening Stationfall copyright Infocom 1987.

So begins Stationfall, second adventure in two parts set which were beginning Planetfall. Set virtually play to real time because how five years passed in story four years passed among Infocom - ovo publications Planetfall and Stationfall. Should you doesn't know it, though, because Stationfall has same sensation and appeal as though so much are loved about Planetfall. Generally continuation have a rocky time living as far as original and Stationfall doesn't need to be fairly as good as Planetfall was, but if it is not it be enough tarnation near. Stationfall has same principal characteristic how Planetfall had. It has same ingenious, often fiendish, sometimes dim - witted, but always reasonable riddle inventories. It has same type setting same impending fateful looming over your existence.

Perhaps if there is critique as though I would have for Stationfall it would be as though it is, in reality, too much of equal it, what we experienced in Planetfall. If yes much time no - passed among publications two plaies I'd harp on that the little more but when you have you got four years to foresaw next chapter I supposethat the you can get away with be genuine to original without bringing much ofanything new for - experience. I'm was ok with it and me suspicion you will much.

You can play to Stationfall without having first experienced Planetfall? Surely. Should you? Probably no. Reason, why I saythat the is because Planetfall did better work development signs which go both stories. If I had played Stationfall first I'm didn't have to enjoy it so much because I'd ignore so much about to me, main rating - or Floyd, mine most expensive robotic friend. Oh, I ain't didn't get in about it do I? FLOYD LIVES!!! Yes, Floyd, child's- mající intention robot is back.In contradistinction to Planetfall, nevertheless there's a at least dinky interaction with next signs in those play. So what if they're robots. At least they may operate conversation. Or can they?

It is difficult to describe story in either one of these two plaies without spoiling something for player because main emphasis in playing play is to discovered story. When you start you do not have hold what is happening. But, how do you read paper, notes and texts which you reveal on station gamma, story unreels and you reveal as though again did you landed themselves suspicionless in pile do you know Co. It do they really everything, What can I say about it.

In this day and age in extenso enjoying text adventure eightieth ages is gained taste. Some men love is (as I) and divers don't get attraction. That is said, if did you got taste you will relish this play. After all, that be more same Steve Meretzky good things which has manifested themselves through world playing. In text adventurous connection playing, Stationfall merits four from five stars.

Accessible for download are technical manual which give text adventurous newbies fast rundown at it, how Infocom text adventure work. Experienced field doesn't need to trouble. Also accessible are map station gamma and blueprints of each of level at the station. In the end, you can also draw down copy different female former which be referred in play. Map and blueprints get past but no obligatory. Forms are needed hereto, run through some cleverish copy protection at the beginning games.

There's a but one set in play file that is of pursy. It set (STATIONF.DAT) can be open and played using Winfrotz Interpreter. Winfrotz will drive your spared games and you allow adapt plane glass surface your bigger comfort.It can be pursy from ' program - ův part Abandonia website.

Year of publication: 1987

Made by: Infocom


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