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Druhý díl legendárního doomu je opět 3D first person střílečka (viděná očima hráče) a s prvním dílem si je velmi podobná.


Star Trek V - The Final Frontier Reviews

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OK. I'm big Star fan roads. When I prepare for to play game with nominal Star on the way I expect big things. So that were when I'm seated after have installed this. Radio me up, Scottya.

Play begins coldish as an introduction by using some handsome painted cathode - raytubes which adjusted story. Church is given interrupted from shore leave inquire into kidnap from three Consuls on halos planets III notorious Vulcanem Sybok. In their efforts to save Consuls, absent team is given captive from Sybok and they be used as surety to she could have take over Enterprise. Sybok be bent on discovering Garden paradise which he believes them to a planet Sha Ka Ree behind whacking prevention on Wednesday galaxy. Now, how surety on ours own ship, crew be forced to boldly go where anybody go before ... whacking prevention. Nevertheless, just as large problem is that athat the Klingon Klaa, who hates Kirk, has tracked ours transmissions and be determined to beat us into Sha Ka Ree and defeat us. So play begins.

Sir Sulu, plot course. Enlist warp drive! What is that? Motors are not stable! Astonishment. Scotty, why they will not tell me as though astable motors in warp drive they may create wormhole? But captain, that says so genuine in play handbook. Oh. Spock, red alert! Sulu, why we're rotary so distant center of? Holy carpal tunnelthat the it is difficult to drive in this wormhole. Sir, that is because of effects wormhole have on gravitational pull.. Guard it space wreckage! Whew that was close. Captiain? Yes, Spock? Sensors collect present dilithium crystals in the middle of wrecks. Business wattage backlog happen, I'd advisedthat the we attempt ring off as many of crystals how we can with ray agricultural machine. But Spock what would happen, if accidentally we're ring off to space rock? It'd incurred destruction boats, mister. What be ours prospects, Spock? If geezer is in control first I'd give to us enough to thin prospects captain. We lack at choice, Spock; come in with it, as many of crystals as possible. We lack no hope for amounting to our object if we're making no. Sir ship is taking damage. Critical system fail. Look cathode - raytube go debris! Ship isn't corresponding, mister. I am afraidthat the we may have to restart.

Captain's trunk: 1001 advances later ...

Captiain, sensors finds out end wormhole. Thank you Spock! Full in front! We're it made mister. Spock, quickly, struck interval! Take exception to in reality. Sulu, plot buckler play so, so that we're could act. Sir, Enterprise isn't equipped saves play system. Sulu, did you make would better tease me. No, mister.

Scrag! Encounter rub in first-aid station.

Captain's trunk: After Romulan space tranquillizer I'm I gathered was mettle to undid interval ...

Captiain. What now, Spock. Sensors are detection Klingona predator approaching. Curse you programmers! Cannot give us enough to time to find out ours wits? Sir, Klingonova ship appears to be environment us with mine field. It does perfect sense, Spocka. They refuse create Federation incident attack over us directly so they creates unavoidable vital situation. Red alert, we prepare have to shoot homesters way from here. We had better no lose time, captain. Pits were to be caught in gravity field Enterprise and is in collapsing circulating course about boats. Chekov, ready banks phaser and will weapon torpedo proton! Individually burn !. (massive firework) captain, banks phaser be shot. Scotty, we need more can to phasers, and hurry up! It take time captain. We lack time Scottya. Chekov, continue burny torpedos! But one torpedo go away mister. Well get some more then! We can not mister; are unread play handbook? It handbook be really starting to tick off me. Captiain? What Spock! Five seconds to limped on. START AGAIN!

Captain's trunk: 2 to can from 10 attempts later ...

Sir, we be formed gap in mine ring. We could be capable make it through. Full in front, Sulu! Blimey We're it made, mister. Plot course for Sha Ka Ree through whacking prevention and get us out of here.

Well, whacking prevention is not so bad, was to it? Sir? Yes, Spock. This is not logical. Play programmer no - exclude from anything about whacking prevention in play. Well, that explains why I don't remember it, then. How could they leave out what could've been most exciting part mission? I have got no logical explication, captain. Approaching Sha Ka again ... input orbit. Spock, Bones, she'll get Sybok and will meeting with me in bay transporter. We be going to the Garden paradise. But Jim, I am not dressed hereat. Funny - bone, real amusing.

We've got slight problem, captain. What is that Scotty? Geezer system malfunctions mister. Can it get fixed, Scotty? I'm about to need a lot of time, captain. Excess expense restart flow out backlog antibodies. I I preferthat the we search supplying in nearest star system. Uhura, contact Starfleet and applies placing nearest planets with life - form able finish mission. Sir, Starfleet indicated small red planet in zone insensitiveness which could would be enough. It's planet Abandonia and we're within range for hailing frequence. Shall I open out communication channel? Definitely, Uhura. Sir they're request, to we transport down our play code. Church bay transporter. Load play code for transport. Ready captain. Energize. Draw down full captain. Deo gratias.

Church out.

Of course play be not over at this point. There are two more action continuity that has to be completed. You get into dig some Klingonův target in a little hand - to - hand fight and then you must knock down Klingona predator in faked space fight. Later is merry making and real challenge. Altogether, play relatively briefed. You can finish it behind day if you have given your mind at that. What will do so all the more provocative (or disillusion) is that there not seem to be way to buckler your play. It means as though every time you fizzle in one’s action continuity you must replay those that led as far as thereinto point. Believe me. You get quite good in navigate wormhole. I'm have a good time playing those games but there only wasn't enough to there. It need to be about half again till it is. Definitely worth playing, though; especially for all you Trekkies.

If you are not fluent in Klingonovi, play handbook is needed hereto, run through copy protection. When you load play did you request, to reloaded Klingonovu phrase which can be found at the end manuals. You can play game at three another levels of problems, cadet, captain or flag officer. If you have you got hard time becomes started read reference card play survey. It has tips on what's to be done at the beginning.

Perhapsthat the would could need to slow down your computer a little for play to ran well. I'm adjusted cycles in DOSBOX to 1500 play to.

Run ST5.EXE start play. It will ask on your large - scale - cone writing (VGA) and required level problems. Perhapsthat the would could find as though running play in all of cathode - raytube does navigation a little easier.

Year of publication: 1989

Made by: Level Systems, Inc.


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