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Star Trek - The Promethean Prophecy Reviews

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Star way premiere on telly in the year 1966 and finishedthat it%%= briefed initial run three years later. Nevertheless this is not end from far, no for show or for games that would soon follow. Sometimes at the beginning 70 - ovo unqualified play was written to play on indoor computer, first long series plaies based on set. In the year 1986 Simon & Schuster, Inc . slack their very first Star play roads, interactive adventure which many people considered one of the best in licensed product. "star way: Promethean prophecy" engages you how captain Starship Enterprise. How play beginsthat the you inquire into unchartered regions of space only be attacked moments later unknown entity. Once conflict ends you must take team conisting themselves, Spockůva, Dr. McCoy and naval xenoethnologist first lieutenant. Dimas planet Prometheusovi Four in search of fit food sources supplying for your involved ship. What do you soon reveal as though you are not alone in this world.

The, who're familiar with plaies such as Zork will be able to jump genuine v. Plane glass surface be clean and function, consisting from two panels; upper where text it seems and lower panel where you write your instructions. Play interpreter work well, allowing you to write simple English instructions as are "Spock, lift phaser" or "Kiss Uhura". I'm was found plotting to be very well written and in spite of poverty of graphic designer soon you find myself deeply drawn into story. Fans shows will happythat the find as though your shipmates are in full sign, from logical remarks your mate to sarcastic responses made him Dr. McCoy. Simon & Schuster undid continuation named Kobayashia option a year later, and while sound financial situation play alone I I trust Prometheanovi prophecy be more pleasant two.

Release on single 5.25" diskette, play included handsome book containing story to got did you begin at your adventure, basic play instruction, and laminated user's handbook. Globally much handsome packet for time in which the that be done. Play also was available to Apple II, Atari and commodore line homecomputer. Notice thatthat the I'm wasn't able create true disk picture because of some kind printing - down protection system where datal part disk was illegible DOS. Copy in this file was modified sothat it%%= will run from of no placing, but be confidentthat the read included alert for important instruction.

If you relish text adventure or be but Star way fan I highly advise this play. Be recommended though, many of riddles can withdraw from quite some time to solve. To me it is one of thing which do this whacking play, but for more fainthearted captains you may wish search Google for walkthru. Of course it is taking much merry making from games so will spend some time and try out that your own. Make surethat the ask Spock for counsel if you are not certain what to do next. Vychutnávejte!

"space, final limit. This be beyond retrieve book of travels Starship Enterprise..."

Year of publication: 1986

Made by: TRANS Fiction Systems


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