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Cizí vir uvádí příběh my všichni známe velmi dobře; náš hrdina je poslaný do dodat nějaké zboží k přísně tajné prostoru-stanici daleko od


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If it were not for mixed up with cool point, that is of next computer game which features last icon for Sevený up non - alcoholic drinks, point is simple board game that is of perfect to those times when you has few minutes to slew and refuses dostatintoanything heavy. Will not arrange tellthat the this play won't hold your interest for much longer if you really want manage without. To the eye point it seems play to similar board game Othelloovi. While principal aim be like each other (finish with more square engaged your colour than opponent of) rules of the game are another.

To play to point you be allowed to move by one of your coloured pcs . either one or two square in some /every /no direction (or combination directions) to vacant square. Some /every /no line engaged square touch recast square are transformed into colours piece that was just brought forward there. If player pick to drowe his piece but one tetragonal, instead of two, his piece shares and occupies both originating and aim square after movement. Nevertheless, if player moves his task two squares then square where he move from be abandoned empty.A free place like it invites opponent of to drowe piece there (if she's incoming in consideration piece) and ' catch ' all circumambient square.

It probably sounds simple enough, directly? No so fast. Next piece needed strategy can be superior into games letting play programme overstate deck make - up sothat it%%= isn't perfect square as though you be used to. Have to defend and assault irregular (but symmetrically) moulded deck can call for unprecedented strategy every play. It is that a, what holds this play interesting.

Point can be play against computer or next opponent of with until four players behind play. Every player will begin one piece occupying corner deck. If you choose play computer there are 5 setting problems that can be used as a you study manage play. If you play to next live opponent of you may use election overshadow to adjusted timer on every movement or for play globally.

Operating manual explains rules and how to use election overshadow to adjusted next player. So does it describes how reconfigure play deck.

Even if point supports VGA pursy play will have EGA option chose because play could hang every time I tried to use VGA in DOSBOX. Play supports much sound cards but will pursy with ADLIB option chose. Run SETUP to reconfigure video or sound.

Year of publication: 1990

Made by: Virgin Mastertronic Ltd.


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