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Somewhere about 800 a.D. there is said live legendary king - king Artuše. His much to reigned his areas come over from swords Excalibura as though Arthur get from lakes and warped it back to lake then, what he was killed.

And that is timethat the you come in. You play to knight by the name of Constantine and that is your duty to buckler and again get together whole provincial once owned good king Artušem. Unfortunately no all knights acknowledge your governance, so you must sooner or later show be your supremacy over is.

At the beginning games you be in Yorku and need will return to Camelotovi. On way you encountering some men and will be able to interact with is ( some point). If they pick to called upon you to duel you can receive or downward tendency (I I preferthat the you receive and ring the bell no well thinks you if you don't weigh out militate against some men that would they should have been subordinate to you). At fight you can leave everything as far as computer (hands off) or you can take command of sign themselves. Or you can simply listen what people have to tell you (or perhaps even lowly require you). Listen people choicely, as they can tell you problems which need to be solved in your zeminebo can give you valuable help. Nevertheless there are somethat the he would like mislead you.

It be but after you achieve Camelota that the actual heat price play begins (there are four search after you come to Camelotovi). Now you be in round table and you get some imposition. You need to chose knights lead search and you can assign his side accompany him. This be RPG play skills knights betters over time. Every time you start new search you catch sight of round table and get imposition you must bottle. It can become that the certain knight dies in search, but this no necessarily meanthat the you drop play. There be but some men cannot allow to lost such as spearfish or Constantine).

So have you get into command army at the Battle (or you be but coercion to stand by and watch if none of militaries will acknowledge your order). To she could have obtain verification some militaries, do you usually need to exercised deed which will do knights follow you (like save girl), but divers only will follow if you already has support civil knight. To conflict also you may use magic. Magic can be useful at examiner get whetstones reply to from someone also, but keep in mindthat the you dull aptitude for turn on charm (bigger faery also need some additives). Battles demand quite a lot of strategy also, but strategic element gently is ztěžovány because of datathat the you cannot control more then one's force all of a sudden (*clash with* it always be easier to prevented then assault - especially if you has somedefensivezařízení, as are walls).

As you can see from screenshot you have you got map England as though you off course travels on. There be wrapped up cities, cathedral, fortified castle, village and next locations on that. In these localities you satisfy . ) other people who can defend you on your search or help you further. Therefore make sure, whether you look into map properly.

Graphic art games are handsome and create certain atmosphere, although it is Ad - Lib music which really makes you feel like in first Middle Ages. Play well is worth playing although I am not whacking fan genre. But be warned if you choose sham. This play can be absolute sometimes. You need to handled much signs at the same time real time (it perplexed me so much I'm needed recap).

Play is quite controlled with mouse (although you can operate install set and reset operating controls - so you may use joystick or keyboard how option). You can also change graphic and noise footprint setting (but why would you do that? They're optimized now).

Together I give this play 4 more'n everything nicely made play with graphic art and strains which makes you feel certain personage era. Story line alone isn't weak also. After cells - how much plaies you can play to, that put you in bot successor whacking king Artuše?

Year of publication: 1990

Made by: Synergistic Software, Inc.


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