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Proudové letadlo s kolmým startem pustošitele letové simulace vyvinuté MicroProse a uvolnil v roce 1992. To portrétuje R.A.F. GR7 a U.S.


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When I first hear from those play I'm be amazed: you lead group foot - soldiers from první - perspective men. You militate against your alleyway hordes foreigners. Preferable to hired arms! You have you got bigger cathode - raytube for one you currently lead and small screens where you do you see appearance of other teams- chums. Could it be better?

Well it wasn't really what I hopethat the, but play is yet unequalled. It's strategy game with many careful scheduling instead of prvního - shooting men. Nothing foreign from destruction only seem and play market was about to be replete his clones. So, in bounder cannot run about freely. Every level be divided in squares and that is in reality well designed board game with much action and epinephrine.

I think mine part playing life be affected by older machine and plaies, so every time I I can hear something word "space" I think of shooting play with story like: Foreignes will charge at underfoot and yourselves can buckler it. Only you and nobody else but you. Bounder does hereafter when Earth be under Emperor and Terminators in reality searches foreign menace to destroy it before, than it be too dangerous. A they finded Genestealers, monster which look like known "foreign". They don't fire away but be too fast, unsightly and extremely killing when they achieve you. A off course, you always be outnumber, way outnumber.

At the beginning you can choose training, space bounder special mission or Deathwing campaign. In election mode you will be able pick your Terminators from time to time and each of them know the world. Your group consists of five men max. In some missions you'll have two insider. Before by any mission, guess what, debate. A squalor - looking boy says you everything and will invite you for love for mother Zemi and our powerful Emperor. In peas this way, always keep in mind that the only thing, what costs among danger and certain death phenomena.

At the Battle there's a terminátorovy look screens and planning screens. In view cathode - raytube you catch sight of prime monitor (much easy to noticed, that is biggest one), which shows view of terminator you currently faces. In upper - left corner is number Terminators. In of other four small monitors you may see insights into next terminators and their numbers. Right- clicks upon this monitors relay out you in their body or you may use hotkeys (F1 - F10, depending on Terminators issue). Left side- clicks on a small monitor will do as though one fire away his weapon, but only directly. In primary screen you can aim with your destined to which become crosswise- vlasy when you can fire away. Shift be done with cursor keies or with mouse. Move finger to margins main monitor namely will stop finger which features which direction you will move, then left off- clicks. Left is dinky map. Right- clicks is taking you to planning cathode - raytube.

You spend a lot of time in planning cathode - raytube. There's a map of the whole levels of which be fairly useful. You can give orders to the next Terminators, so elaborate a plan attack. Most important thing in bounder is FREEZE button. While it time has come stops (only on screen off course) and you can catch your breath and think what's to be done. SHIVER isn't equal interval (it is letter P). You have you got quantity FREEZE time which decreases while you be in FREEZE mode and increases while you be in real - time mode, so you always needs be quick. Next important matter them of your Terminators: there's a Overwatch mode that can be turned - up about/near (standard them to a). In Overwatch mode your terminators be more careful, they move slowly and if they anticipates some /every /no danger nearby stops and wait for monster shows up. They immediately respond to some /by any /no changes in their look etc .. They could even implore destroy shut the door.

In planning cathode - raytube, upper - left button is for Overwatch mode (left the- pravé mouse click, notice points about pictures terminator). Numbers from 1 - 5 go in for Terminators so you can click on lack look for them on map. Letters except numbers go in for arms, that they carry. Any weapon can be essential to some mission so you will need to protected their owner at any rate. Concerning next buttons, you will find out themselves.

Bounder is hard, especially at the beginning. Horde foreigners against hard men. In reality you can safe - deposit create where they ride up and hold is for a while, while somebody ends with missionary aim. Nedržte some place for too long. Genestealers be too clever. They will skulk, aggressive single man (I'll I'm mentioned thatthat it%%= is familiar with cast over your man) and if they anticipates as though you don't move, fall in hundreds of till then, than did you reject. Your weapon may even press from time to time. They're also much quicker then your men. Overwatch is very useful, but no expect too much.

At the end, this play probably will deserve best mark, especially when you keep in mind when it be published. Yet, there are some election (like shift couple of man like team back - to - back, at least I will do not find it) really it should be here, to made your strategy better while you do stacks of what- it- used- - be - alien. Danger comes from every parties really. On the other side, alone against much greater enemy can give you real epinephrine flow. Anybody liked foreigner 2 (I talk of film) waited for play this way.

A now something did you wanted read from the beginning: technical parts. VGA graphic art (what more) be all right, but sound is above the average ( for them time at least). You will hear voice your commandant during debate as well as clamour and comments your Terminators. Clamour monsters didn't even should be discussed. Etceteras is do to be tabled before atmosphere. Monster can see you from distance and haste up to you, so you will only hear cry from dumps before vision that. Is this enough to to you?

Has counsel is give it a try if did you action fan or if have got enough misjudgement from your family and friends and want to show is what are you made of inquiry world in impossible mission. Again, if you were excited foreigner 2 cannot plait herewith. LONG LIVE EARTH MOTHER!!!

Play cannot work in XP, but I managed to sham swimmingly in Dosbox. If everyone has older machine older systems, no worry.

Year of publication: 1993

Made by: Electronic Arts, Inc.


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