Monster Truck Madness 2
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Monster Truck Madness 2 (ve zkratce MTM2 s kódovým označením "Metal Crush 2") je monster truck závodní počítačová hra vyvinutá firmou Termin


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Think about classics and tell me what come to your minds. There should be Tetris, space Invaders, Pacman, Sokoban, prostitute, bouncing children and - YES - Sopwith.

Long before somebody even thought about 3D flying simulators, we'd one of coldest flight plaies which always no - didn't drop every of his faery. This very day, over 21 age after it was created, there's a gigantic fan- lobby donating all their free time to outhouse new level and new clones from that. Even advance designer, David Clark, always boards some time to touch up. Yes, Sopwith is classic even if it wasn't will never didn't want be commercial play.This was programmed in the year 1984 demonstrate skills BMB- ovo new reticular product - later known as ' Imaginet ' . Therefore today always it is impossible to play original version in multiplayer mode but David always works on that.

Play alone is pretty simple, but no too easy. Above all, I need explanation not as transcendental operating controls: , (stroke) does your Sopwitha move up . (time) whip her conversely and / (slash) come down. These are operating controls from pilots look. At fly from right to left you somehow need to succeed in think another, but after some time you give up and fly conversely place that. Additional keys are Z for trachea down, X for trachea up, H revert to found to fill and reload ammunition, spacebar for on ship weapon, B throws bomb and with with you strain sound on or except. Ctrl + break - in ends play immediately.

When play begins you can choose between the two working play modes - single player and single player against Computer. To learn how travel, withdraw from first option. When you succeed in end play in this mode easily, then will try computer option opponent of. While you fly around personal only bombing and fire at static traps in single player mode, in computer mode opponent of there'll enemy aeroplane. Take look here ! ; PC fire away up to you and implore kill you in kamikaze- stylu. So, while, what was to read enemy by air, you always need to destroyed your normal purposes to win the game - and that is hard work. To make it even harder, you do not have boundless firing, health, bombshells or ammunition. So hold bars beside radar in view and check from time to time.When you do you see as though you happen in some /every /none of these, struck - ův H - ův key revert to found.

After you be destroyed all enemies (all magenta coloured pixel- hromady on screen), you win the game and romantically fly away into sunset- obzoru.

Oh, almost I'm I forgot was tell a table about sounds in play. Had glad space Invaders SFX ? Yes ? Hi !, then it is your play - you will astounded how real motor, bombshells and ordnance noise footprint. A prepare themselves for astonishing effect when did you down shot or collide with somebody's.To whole another (who hasn't like SI strains) only uses ' S ' go out is.

There is not very plaies which can manage MY good ol - ův Sopwitha. So be cock of it is 5 - Points - from - the - reviewer play!

Year of publication: 1984

Made by: BMB Compuscience


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