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To byla jen otázka času před slavnými komickými hrdiny nakonec by ukázali se ve videohře. Série kresby získala celosvětovou slávu koncem


Smurfs, The Reviews

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Now it is delightful little games!

I only I'm interested how the little fellows feel when they be in the pits? But groundless sorrow in those play.

It's delightful little platform games where you must be promoted over crimp or duck and wait for them run through.

Not to say much more really. Play has handsome graphic art and irritating appetising air. You will caught up playing those games sometimes - and you will not won't you hamper. Every needs to mix with their inner child.

I'd give this play 3, but it be but me. Perhapsthat the you give it to more - or perhaps smaller. Never mind really - until there are people, who relish play!

Year of publication: 1997

Made by: Infogrames


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