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SkyRoads Xmas Special Reviews

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In the year 1993 SkyRoads was launched. One year after he will come successor, SkyRoads Xmas! Subject games is Christmas and many of by other level portrayals this in different ways.

Play alone almost be identical in original SkyRoads. Differences lay in brand - new courses, and rougher difficulty. Navigation is same: key "caret ", speed up; down, brake. A driving buttons left and right do you turn. Finally you agree with free place. Unbelievably simple.

There is not much to will not to say about graphic art in play. They be like each other than in SkyRoads. Only difference is used colours (at least at the beginning).

You can choose among much another tracks, any time you do you want. So you don't need to completed one course to played next, something really I like.

In SkyRoads you scamper on some kinds tiles carriage way. Some of these are much special:

- illuminate red: You to displace.

- light green: Increasing be in a hurry.

- dark grey: Slippery.

- navy blue: Filling firing and O2.

- dark green: Glairy.

A much addictive and recommended play!

Draw down and relish! :)

Year of publication: 1994

Made by: Blue Moon Interactive


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