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Skyfox II - The Cygnus Conflict Reviews

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' Fox is back... in warp rate of swelling!

Skyfox II: Cygnus conflict is continuation original 1984 Skyfox play. While first Skyfox doed on planet, Skyfox II moves action into universe, where you must defend Federation against bad foreign Xenomorphs. Like his ancestor of, Skyfox II put you in cockpit highly advanced fighter, where swift action and ideas man they will buckler day.

Play- zábavný

Skyfox II offers ten missions and five levels problems. These include protection Federation space from Xenomorph ambushers, accompanying ambassador, and search long - lost starbase.

Because Skyfox II be more style arcade than true malingerer, that won't abided too long manage flying your ship - so you quickly have a good time blasting Xenomorphs and navigation through asteroid field.

Graphic art be quick, and are well done for EGA. Sound effects be good for PC speaker of strains, while title music is one of the best airs to emerge from PC speaker of.

Play uses prospecting method copy protection. When you dock in starbase, you will have to go into a place its name using copy protection starmap.

Globally, SkyFox II: Cygnus conflict is play I highly advise!

Use skyfox16.exe start play. To jump introduction, press spacebar.

Basic keyboard control:

= - UP [ - left ] - directly ' - down left Alt - fire

Year of publication: 1988

Made by: Electronic Arts, Inc.


Skyfox II - The Cygnus Conflict - download


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