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SuperSki III, poslední z jeho sérií, je hra o... čekejte na to... lyžování! A vy, jak hráč, začít být a... lyžování! Kdo would've myslel,


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It is bird! It's aircraft! It's... uh, well, yes it is aircraft... but it is more than that... It's shark sky! Taito presents next arcade to PC remake.

In Skies shark you watch sky in much your own chaser, equipped boundless controlled shots and several bombs. You can collect moci - ups on the way, heighten your air firing power fighter, and add in next bombshells. Verification be over keyboard, joystick or mouse  I merely played using mouse - and offers two player, variation in turns.

You militate against big by various sorts enemy aviations, mostly of both - -aviations, tanks weapons turrets and next little astonishment on the way. Graphic art really detract from games, but will consider realitythat it%%= is 1988 play. There were no sound as though I heard using VDMSOUND, and DOSBOX would did not work for me using default setting.

Even book - keeping for age games, Skies shark be more tuna than shark. It's small download, so you can want to give it a try for five minutes, simply so you can say that the did you sham. Failing that, I have got some fresh paint that you can want to trace dry!

Year of publication: 1989

Made by: Taito Corporation


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