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Málo kdo ví, kdo stojí za touto logickou populární hrou - Ztracený Vikingové. Jako svojí první hru ji vydala na PC společnost Silicon & Syna


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Pirates are here, ready collect treasure and destroy somebody and anything that stand in their way.

Militate against your alleyway by various crafts, strongholds and next wild hiding place in leather One view fearless pirate. You will knock down next pirates, conquistadors, ninja, frame and next merry people who were in bond together bad magician which has your treasure (and princes, some gossip talk) and hasn't in intention return that you easily. You can also fight side by side with friend, who in that case controls Red dog, next gutsy and revenge- thirsty pirate.

Levels of scroll from one end to the other and there's a boss in waiting up to you at the end every - boss in are either stiff (have more energy) or fast (strike you quicker). You make money slaughtering enemies and dig for treasure where decussate bones characters lie on the ground; there differ funds treasure. Some eye be governed by kurzovými keies and one function keys for attacking with his reliable sword. It be easy to get into form: Main trick is to forbore be bitwise enemies because your health have one's limits (50 articles). Health is renewed eating fruit and meat which be found underfoot. Enemy assault successively, which makes this play totally balanced. If you die you can retry (from point where did you obiit) three times and then it is end of play.

Graphic art are ok mine opinion; this was 1991 after all. Enemy are various enough to and front office be of interest also, but bad magician looks comical, like any horny- lidská thing caths in vesture, nonsense !. There be no sound, only backround music, that is of handsome. Only unacted it too loud, because then it gets poisonous.

Together, skull & crossbones is handsome play worth playing for all metuzalem- herní lover (as I did myself). Two things are lousy at my book on this title: First is as though you have to overstate controls every time you start play (you do not have to but original main be but dim - witted). Alternative blame is as though there be no highscore table, that would spice with call appeal for even more. I I prefer, so that you play game in EGA or VGA mode - they contemplation same to me but surely be more than a match for CGA mode.

Cry out one more Haaarrr! and press tightening key!!! :)

Year of publication: 1991

Made by: Domark, Ltd.


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