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SimAnt - The Electronic Ant Colony Reviews

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Sim ant is merry making to played because of nonesuch will plait advance designer choose use. Did you ant. Have sat down earlier today play game I'm was found it I'm was most unpleasant and easy to played. Nevertheless and have any compatible problems at examiner play to Sima ant through Windows - I'm met no sound and at the time play frozen.It be easy to solved switching to DOSBOX.

Playing Sim ant is merry making because it's like this refreshingly another. How many other plaies does you know of it let you be ant? Play resemble plaies such as age empire. You must build up colony of ants and want to knock down you blown up red ant, as well as later champion house located in your backyard. There are many small lynxs which do Sima ant which much more merry entertainment than next games in genre. Line as are body switching. Next games in same genre have you clicks unit and gaining instantaneous verification, this makes you feel like god. Sim Ants made me feel more like military commandant than god how you have to search ant as though you do you want control before be able to bodily disconnect switch. There are next method as though you may use control ant. You can recruit is and make them follow you - or you can edit colony main behaviour by using window behaviour. A small triangle with tow circle, you place circle in point in triangle namely turns how much ants do certain action. Three action are kicky, grazing and attendance. There is also next identical triangle as though you use to handled breeding, except as follows triangle you have you got 3 another caregory - breeder, workers and soldiers. To win in Simovi ant you must build up strong enough to armies ant and remove red ant while outhouse your colony. Did you vunerable so that is familiar with do walls pebble to keep out friend ant as well as setting zones smell. I non - full no prove dangerous zone smell feature, but also supposethat the you use it, to adjusted watch routes to you ant.

Lockwork when you first heat Sima ant, that will everything be a little absolute, but after playing through education you should soon lift all bases require that played. Sim Ants is suprisingly comical play with many sequenced line as though you will not don't find in of other peas. In spite of obsolete graphic art those simulation game is yet extreme merry making to played, and dinky file size is also premium.

Year of publication: 1991

Made by: Maxis Software Inc.


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