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Shadow Knights Reviews

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A ninja warrior, provide with hangman and some magic acquaintance with fights across land Naipusan on his way Destiny - fate to defeated bad shogun Death. You must withdraw from role hereof fair easter warrior to brought down armies evil and restore the peace in the country.

Herewith classical story hero walks scrolling action- plaform play. Generally, you have to get to the end levels of. Ninja can run, jump up and down (CTRL+near/D), duck and attack with his sword (ALTEM). Several boxes in upper - left corner screens show your energy, while boxes in top- právu show magic left. Magic can be used to cure energy (SPACE) or throw magic star (ENTER). You pick small yellow quarters for magic. Seldom, circle can be in of other colours for more faery, energy etc ...

Cathode - raytube can scroll every way, although it will not scroll up and down if there are no higher/lower basis. Some levels of, on the other side, will not be scroll much left/right. Yet, this play concentrate on action with only little more elements added to be more interesting. General concept shadow knights will forbid that to became a anything more'n average, so are tehnical parts games.

So, is this even worth examination? Absolutely ! It's action you fostering of, directly? If yes, then this play can give you something tamper with. There are various types enemies and each of them has his own way attacking. Don't think that you can only state swinging your hangman. Rate of swelling and reflexed is what do you need to finished this and that is formidable. Play is very simple and is allowing you to get maximum hearts.

Bottom line is: this will entertainment action lovers, especially the, who're longing for ninja peas.

Year of publication: 1990

Made by: id Software, Inc.


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