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Elitní plus je dobrá, stará prostor obchodování hra - pokračování originální elity, vytvořený v roce 1983. Pro starou hru, to může být ve


Doom 2 Reviews

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second volume legendary doomu is again 3D firm personnel střílečka (seen eyes player) and with first volume is look - alike.

basic difference is factthat the Doom 2 is first degree with mo?nose playing after net.

also story tie together on previous part. Flatfootthat the in one fought on Mars infernal spectre returns underfoot with unpleasant inquestthat the there be enacted idem.

Čekás you on the whole 30 level splendid entertainment near high - quality slaughterthat the Doom definitely is.

hereto subject advise : Doom5.cz

Year of publication: Srpen 1994

Made by: ID Software



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