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School Bus Driver Reviews

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Did you happy face school busman which lifts children every day and drive them to their school. In this little cities your there are couple of streets which be easy to remembered, so finding trip to good children, that are zealous to study / knew new material in their school will toy.

There are four level to beat. First is some kind education, how all the children at the same time stay at their stoppings, and only you have to pick is everything and bring them to school. There always be six children to hove in every level. In second level, you have to lift children successively, and they appear on by other societies cities. Third level presents timer into games, and now only five minutes is at your disposal bottle your duty. At the level four, various crimp discovers on waies, like killed trees and lazy cow, so you must go on exactly correct way to are could find children.

Graphic art in those play are CGA, so not as quite entice at all. Strains are precisely horrible and that is much better play to this play without any sound.

Oh, and almost I'm I forgot was, only good thing in those play is...

Bus can go in turned - up :D.

This play is, of course, made for children; with purpose being to improved their memory and skills logic. But there are untold quantity better and more amusing ways to achieve hereof purposes than playing those games.

Year of publication: 1988

Made by: GameTek, Inc.


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