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Reunion accompanying by one of longest and most impressive introductions seen be in story PC GAMES. It's good thing, because when you start play, do you knowthat the exactly where did you, what is happening, and what your office are. Play take place on Wednesday 22. century. Earth ordered that most successful time soever, and any ecological, war, and humanitarian problems were to be resolved. Because of those visionary érě, scientific research attained unseen levels of, and interstellar travelling was to make possible for the first time in human events.

Nevertheless, regardless of realitythat the everything is for seemingly perfect underfoot, rebel faction which routing government Earth has gain a lot influence. At the same time, first 3 interstellar craft are be done in space shipyard. Only as rebel faction began takeover underfoot, spaceships were to be completed and immediately sended. Two by boat be destroyed rebeldom at examiner escape, while your is the only as though succeeded. After months travelling, did you run against planet which be capable of sustaining life. How boat captain, you get imposition creative successful world which becomes new home for mankind.

To could run everything swimmingly, you will demand some kind provisional government. ; basic camp will pile from scientist, pilot, fighter, and builder. To each of these positions, three individuals they will bidding. Every has their personal skill levels and moon price which depends at it. You can start off by hire cheaper , and then educate them as you guide. They will liable for four aspects gamesthat the you need to looking after. This play has linear action, which meansthat the some matters are starting how time routes, so there is no time lose. You should surely read handbook PŘED playing hrounebo you surely end starting over several times.

First thing you will need to focus on develops your planet, building lately erected building, and researching techology as though you will need for investigation neighbouring solar system. As soon as you get accustomed to fly around your solar system, colonizing planets, and ceding goods between them, brand - new aspect games bot v. This takes place about halfway through play. By this time, you probably start getting sulky and boring of all planets micromanagement, repeated office, and relatively uninteresting action, but believe me, it is worth waiting.

Second half games really lifts rate of swelling, because you in the end get into encounter foreignes! A all of us love foreignerisn't it? There'll quite a few works, from nichž some way will businessmen, some scientists, some warriors, etc . You will be able to form alliance, buy artifacts and technology, and payroll period wars. By this time, had stand up enough to strong empire along of several solar system which do you strongest present. After did you make contact with all foreign works, end - all games will to again found Zemí (on that account nominal Reunion). I will not don't disclose something else at this point, because I don't want go wrong whole story.

So, leave about continue showdown. Play be good enough, but as a I'm mentioned up, story lifts only in the second half of games, so has some patience. Navigation can be a little ham - handed at the beginning, but you will get used to it. Again, I reparate, read handbook before edge. Secondly, graphic art are more'n satisfactory, really handsome on eyes, and merry making to look on. Concerning music and strains, they will stand fast much (implore disregard cheesy narrator with Hungarian accent during introduction). Globally, that be something, what must have for everyone strategic play lover outside. Those of you it tend to be eager about would had perhaps give wide berth those play :)

Year of publication: 1994

Made by: Digital Reality, Ltd.


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