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Areas is strategy game from Graftgold Ltd. It does not contain much action, and subtitle "only makes surethat it%%= is your" allusion at it enough to brightly. Victory wars and splendid battles will your prime and only aim.

Player will take over command over one nation and needs to fight out everything "areas". You must pother about of several cities at your disposal. They're your mediums economies. As they are sole source gold, they be often charging, so inside them you will need to recruit and train armies. Grain is needed how food, walls for stopping force which lay siege and provincial how living - space. Everything this material costs so you must always trace your treasure house. People, who starve for, in bad health or under siege tend to protest, and you don't need more enemies, you?

Tactics on battlefield be too important aspect region. There are tons possiblities! Charge your cavalry in formation triangle, inhibit from line phalanx or drop in enemy troops to are could crush is from behind. Environment and attacking some /by any /no given to period from many directions all of a sudden lowers it is morale and in consequence turn it into easy to slew meat.

Conscription also play to pivotal role in road to victory. You be allowed to make up one's mind what equipment your armies will carry. If wear heavy armour, big shield and hammer or perhaps only thing helm with the aid of Latin and swords? You make up one's mind (and pay of course). Dishonour warriors tend to desert.

Unfortunately play supports only adlib and Rolandovu sound card. PC speaker peep does totally no atmosphere. Graphic art contemplation fair enough, though they be not doing much melt.

Areas put heavy influence over coached and well - appointed militaries. It's merry making to fecit several strong legion of. On the other side AI in conflicts neuspokojove from far. While newbies may have several problems champion skirmish, experienced tacticians they will kill friend using smaller coaming. Computer often does really dim - witted mistakes like leaving troop position yet at charging the rest in player soldiers.

Together, this play offers much while in militant mode and even most exacting die hard tactics they will pleased at. Alas, bad AI and simplified economy can step aside player. Has you price recommendation if you like big battles, but if you do you prefer emipire operating games, you may be dissatisfied. So I evaluate it 3.

Year of publication: 1991

Made by: Graftgold Ltd.


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