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Raiden Reviews

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Somewhere in future country is attacked space pirates. You, bold pilot, have mission to stop is. Sounds like computer game directly ported from coin machinery? No wonder, that is ones.

As a matter of fact, you need to destroyed everything, what appear on cathode - raytube. We've got tanks, craft, aviation, helicopter, good enemy and much mocí - ups. What more you need for shoot'em up? Directly, two- hráčský mode! Well, Raiden has everything this material, and that is merry making!

At the beginning you you do not have nothing but drake and several bombs. S bombs you hamper to all enemy firing from striking you for a few seconds, in which the you be liable to destroy is without any diversification. To female enemies one hit be enough, to will insert vertically is, but for some you first you must destroy their arms and then care for the rest. Work easily is to make as soon as you have you got three - ply laser gun with quadruplicated controlled shot. To destroying special built vehicle, ammunition depot or fuel tank you will earn extra articles, moci - ups and medal. At the end levels of you get some boniness - of course. To end by any level in the end you have to kill rung- boss in- fort- ship- cokoliv. Withdraw from your bombshells here for have easy work.

Variety of graphic designer in eight levels be overwhelming. You fly over woods, cities, lakes and meadowland killing much others enemy and behind - letting by many crop ends behind you. Vertical scrolling is mostly fluent. It's a little slower when there are many enemies and will speed up when you be killed is.

Sound is ... well, let's better non talk about it.

You you may set difficulty to rub another levels, but this will not heighten quantity enemies - it only turns quantity credits you have you got. Raiden is handsome little games that is of OK for some moments fast shoot'em up merry entertainment - until you expects final challenge to genre- specialists. Because of handsome multiplayer- volba and mine opinionthat the sound is secondary thing I give 4 articles.

Use DOSBOX at around 2200 cycles to have had it no too fast.

Year of publication: 1994

Made by: Seibu Kaihatsu Inc.


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