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Race the Nags Reviews

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Nags is simple, but highly addictive play horse - race.

Play begins by selection how much players want to play to 1 - 6 player they may play to this play).

Bother is play horse - race. Player wager their coin on horses. If horse wins, player wins money.

Display foreground shows all the information needed. In blue bar there are name horses competition upon this wheel and champion vistas. More information racehorses can be found pressing ALT-S.

At the beginning every player she'll get 500$. They must pick horses, amount of moneythat the they wager and do that win,place or show win horses have to come in first, place believes that the horse have to come in how first or second, and show horses must be during first three). When wagers be stationed, race can start.

Race be too fast and field cannot do anything work is. After race ends record seem. After that, next round begins. Field they may continue make it until they will unincorporated bore and we're quit, they left because they must or they falls their money.

Of course, play alone be too unique. Are not much plaies horse - race (at least and have - not seen no). There are many by other horses in play, and their stacte rise when they races.

If you want to light upon highscore list, you only have to leave while you have you got wad. Nevertheless, gambling can be much addictive. But if will continue by in your head cool, you can get million dusts and get your name in millionaires club.

Year of publication: 1993

Made by: Personal Companion Software


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