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Pyramids of Egypt Reviews

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Before, than I I am telling you something about play I have to talk of developers. His name is John Romero. He had done several minute animals (mostly in competition with his best friend now) and some DŮLEŽITÝMI ZÁPASY. Most widely known play Mr Romero was DOOM (where you hear him speak conversely at last level:if you want to win the game. You have to kill me. John Romero') or Wolfenstein 3D. Understanding this make us expect good and addictive play then ...Pyramid Egypt ' with story be said in a few sentences:Did you ' Mike research worker ' who come to Egyptian pyramids to stole or perhaps collect for museum) all rock of each of 100 chambers. To buckler treasures from thiefs, rooms are guarded vital snakes who kill one mouthful. It is that a.

You move ours hero with cursor keies.When - ův vital snake ' walks your way you need to got your gas and make a fire which kill enemy. (make it pressing through space - but watch you must have wall southwards easter or southern west you!). When you run flow, next tins of they will spawn if you be happy enough to. After collection of all precious stone gib door it seems and lets you to the next rooms (where normally you have to expect even more snakes). Did you also awarded with extra life. As soon as did you be killed you may see piece Mr Romeros humour. You are not only dead than in of other peas. No, you die full suffering, bleeding and bellowing (if speaker peep can be named bellowing?!).

Sound and graphic art are ... errm, let's say OK for 1989 when this play be released. Several peep from inner speaker of (or sham speaker of in DOSBOX) and CGA graphic art with, as a matter of fact, scarcely any- chicken. But graphic art and sound isn't what this play do - good play. It's simplicity! You may not read 300 pages hand to played this play and that is merry entertainment. Only look into pyramid and implore get new high score. Fantastic! 5 from 5 points for me! Further evidence that the whacking play with 100 (!) levels of needs smaller disk- prostor than those screenshot on abandonia. =;about)

Year of publication: 1989

Made by: Ideas From the Deep


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