Desert Strike - Return to the Gulf
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Již v roce 1993, Electronic umění skórovala sebe hit s Desert stávkou: Vrátit k Zálivu. S hrou to bylo směs přímé odstřelování akce, ruko


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Between 1992 publication themselves in the dark and 1995, when detainee ice was launched, adventurous games horrors become real phenomenon at industry. Genre has perfect arrangement to he said good story, may not enough to, to didn't surprise you, but with plenty of shocking scenes. In itself, competition was game. Of course, some title catering service to same audience of missing at best, like D and Phantasmagoria, but that were also time when field enjoying veil night and first clock tower. If I'd placed detainee ice among these, it would be somewhere in the middle of, how to do that much matter of law, but stumble over in certain seats also.

Play is straight forward continuation calling Cthulhu: Shadowy figure comet and follows adventure first lieutenant. Ryan through world inspired H.P. Lovecraft. In comparison with original, nevertheless by this one already isn't local thing confinement to borderland insulated cities such as Illsmouth. Did you taken exotic seats, from antarctic waters into Buenos Aires. Here and there, play so try hard to put you in bot Indianského Jonesa as though it forget utterly about horror. Surely, that has monster, vital and psychic ceremonies, but it is missing genuine atmosphere horrors and despair find in original.

Like punctual- and- clicks adventurous play, that is firm bid. Riddle relatively stand to reason, although a little on easy side as a result. Play presents ripe punctual- and- clicks system, with transcendental operating controls. You enjoyment- clicks to examined objects and left- clicks to interact with is. You can make accessible inventory sums you collected placing cursor at top screens. entries inventories they may be used on some objects in environment or they may be linked to mutually. This excellent punctual- and- clicks system mostly remain unchanged in adventurous peas until today. Developers exert only minor changes at that, according to their needs and taste.

In convicts ice you take over lieutenant Ryana, American agent dispatched office Naval intelligence on ship submarine H.M.S. Victoria to she could have save Norwegian research worker and anthropologist, Björn Hamsun, from Nazis. Along with him, sub crew also pick two uncanny boxes. They've bring them all to security nearest marine base, but it soon becomes improbable crazy will run off on ship H.M.S. Victoria. Conspiracy have any twists and turns as though did you they could not expect, compounding sci - fi with adventure horrors only as return to first half of XXTH century can. I'm was thoughtthat it%%= I'm was a little peculiar, but definitely worth next until it's over.

Drawing isn't as far as quality seen in Gabrieě Knightu: Sins fathers or circle blood; it feels a little barren, in reality. Locations ourselves be of interest election, but as a I'm mentioned before, developers didn't catch genuine atmosphere. While I I'll do these complaints, I appreciatethat it%%= it is necessary to pointed at itthat the even when product loses however ghastly story, that stays valuable play yet. If be to make analogy, detainee ice them as horror B - movable it'd got cult next twenty years later. It has cheesy vocal act, merry scenes and overused trope. Most importantly, that succeed in withdrawal it with serious expression. I heard antagonistic ideas of play, generally, but it is gist, why I find it accessible, interesting and easy to played down - the - line.

Despite its rents, I like play quite a little. Nevertheless, when it comes to recommendation it to others... I 'd rather I'm had you play to better title first. List plaies becomes so gigantic as though filtration your housing list is basic. To my mind, time have more funds when spent in peas such as CoC: Shadowy figure comet, CoC: Dark quoins Earth, alone in darkness, Gabriey Knightu: Sins Fathers and circle Blood, name but a few. After you be done with by those, know as though perhapsthat the would could come to relish detainee ice, but if you will not, only a few funny will you look at you.

- detainee ice freely be based on Howard P. Lovecraftova novel horrors on the mountain madness.

- there are three French graphic novels based on play: La Geůvôle de pandore (Pandorin prison), Le hanger duos Crépuscule ( stiletto in twilight) style Citué des Abůvîmes ( town deep).

- If you run game normally through DOSBOX, that will warehouse your save the file in cdrive (where you hold all your DOS games). In casethat the you do you want keep it pure for analysis, you can directly mount it (mounts c:doscdriveprison, for example) and run game from there. Save the file will directly reside in play component. This is not probably recommended, but it worked for me no problem.

- you can run game through either ICE320.exe or ICE640.exe (VGA or SVGA), but save the file are not compatible.

Year of publication: 1995

Made by: Infogrames


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